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Suzuki Motor Corporation is basically a very reputed Japanese multinational organization. Its head office is in Hamamatsu, Japan. It manufactures a wide range of motorcycles, four wheelers etc. Suzuki is considered to be one of the leading automobile manufacturers of the world. About forty thousand people work in this great organization. It has close to about one hundred and thirty three distributors across one hundred and ninety two countries of the world. Currently it is the second largest manufacturer of four wheelers in Japan. Its main competitors are Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

But what everyone likes about Suzuki products are the motorcycles.

suzuki racing bike babes
Credit: Flickr – Kurtz Law

Take the Suzuki Hayabusa for example. Some people really like the look of this bike, of course, others hate it. The aerodynamic shape makes it the fastest bike in the world. Perhaps that’s why fans also love the Hayabusa leather jackets.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Credit: Flickr – Wutzman

The Suzuki GSX line of bikes also have their following in the racing world. And these motorcycles are just as impressive as the Hayabusas.

P.J. Jacobsen - Celtic Racing Suzuki GSX-R600